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10uF Through Hole Electrolytic Capacitor

Single 10uF Through Hole Electrolytic Capacitor

Thumbnail: MAX603 Voltage Regulator
White prototyping breadboard with 30 tie strips and two power rails on each side.

White Prototyping Breadboard (2x30 columns of tie strips and 2x2 rows of power strips)

Clear Semi Transparent Breadboard

Clear Prototyping Breadboard (2x30 columns of tie strips and 2x2 rows of power strips)

Thumbnail: A bundle of 65 jumper wires of various length and color. Bound together with the male connectors shown in the foreground.

Bundle of 65 Male to Male Flexible Jumper Wires

A single mini breadboard 17X10. Black color.
Single White 17X10 mini breadboard
Single Blue 17x10 Mini Breadboard
A single 17x10 mini breadboard (Red)
Single Green Mini Breadboard

Breadboarding: How to Connect the 7805 Voltage Regulator

The 7805 voltage regulator is connected to a breadboard to provide 5 volts to the circuit. Two capacitors are connected to the voltage regulator, 10uf (microfarad) on the input and .1uf on the output to reduce the peak to peak voltage difference.

Two sets of batteries are tested with this voltage regulator and the voltage dropout is determined by subtracting the input voltage to the output voltage.

The minimum recommended input voltage is 8 volts and the determined dropout is 1.5 volts. The 8 volts gives a .5 volt margin.

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