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About Us

We love everything mechatronic, science, programming, machine learning, and fabrication (automated or not). These pages are dedicated to teaching methods and concepts related to these areas.

The primary interest in this field relates to robotics and creating dynamic and autonomous systems. Research and development goals include biped dynamic balance through gait tuning on the fly, or applying force to the torso similar to an inverted pendulum. Autonomous functions that I research relate primarily to neural networks and genetic algorithms. As I develop these and other systems, I will explain the basic step that help me achieve my goals through video record.

Patrick Hood-Daniel: Site Author
Katy, Texas


  • Programmer (MS-DOS (DOS days), C#, C++, WPF/XAML, Back-End relational Database - SQL Server, MySQL, PHP)
  • B-Arch- University of Miami School of Architecture
  • Master of Urban Design - UC Berkeley
  • Embedded Systems Programming (self taugh)
  • CNC Machinery (Main business and how I make money to share my knowledge and provide videos for all of you)
  • Electronics and circuit design (self taught)


  • Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Pattern Recognition, Genetic Algorithms and other forms of Machine Learning.
  • Robotics
  • Fabrication - automated (3D and otherwise)
  • Physics - Classical Mechanics to be specific.

Tom Betka: Editor
Green Bay, Wisconsin


  • Programmer in C, C++, C#, VB.Net
  • BA, Computer Science (2011) -- Lakeland College, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
  • Doctor of Medicine (1998) -- University of Wisconsin Medical School
  • BS, Biology (1990) -- University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
  • FAA Instrument & Commercial pilot ratings
  • FAA Certified Flight Instructor, Airplane & Instrument
  • FAA Certified Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic


  • Physiology of human spaceflight, with emphasis on using computer systems to model complex problems associated with long-term space missions
  • Design and development of flight simulation for basic and advanced instrument flight training
  • Embedded software design related to development of hardware to support the above interests