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Image of the Atmega324p


USB AVR programmer

USB AVR Programmer

Breadboard adapter for the USBasp AVR Programmer

USBasp Breadboard Breakout Adapter

Serial to USB converter with Micro USB cable

USB to Serial Converter

Thumbnail: Crystal Oscillator 18.432 MHz for UART

18.432 MHz Crystal Oscillator 18pf 30ppm

Thumbnail: 22 pF Capacitor

22 pF Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

Thumbnail: Quartz crystal oscillator - 16 MHz

16 MHz Crystal Oscillator 20 pF Through Hole

Thumbnail: 4x4 keypad top view.

4x4 Keypad with Adhesive Backing

Thumbnail: quad buffer line driver 74HC126E

Quad Buffer Line Driver (Through Hole)

3 pin slide switch

SPDT Slide Switch 3 pin 30V


Programming: Outputting a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) on any Pin of the AVR Microcontroller

In this program, interrupts are used to provide an interrupt every time the PWM counter reaches the top value in ICR1 (Input Capture Register 1).

Within the ISR (Interrupt Service Routine), all of the pins that will output the PWM signal will go high. This is to start all of the pins off as a pulse. When the timer reaches the desired width, that single pin will go low. This is using the TCNT1 register to determine the counts.

To enable the interrupt for the Timer, the TIMSK1 (Timer Mask) OCIE1A (Output Compare Interrupt Enable 1A) bit is set.

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