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USB AVR programmer

USB AVR Programmer

Breadboard adapter for the USBasp AVR Programmer

USBasp Breadboard Breakout Adapter

ST Link v2 for STM32 and STM8 microcontrollers top view of all components

ST-Link v2 STM32 and STM8 Programmer

USB 2.0 Cable 10 Foot Type A Male to Type B Male

USB 2.0 Cable Type A Male to Type B Male - 10 FT

3 Foot USB Cable Type A to USB Cable Type A

USB Cable Type A Male to USB Type A Male - 3 FT

Tumbnail: 62 oz-in NEMA 17 Stepping motors (also called stepper motor)

NEMA 17 Stepping Motor (62 oz-in 5mm single shaft)

$19.95 Out of Stock
NEMA 23 Stepping Motor 100 oz

NEMA 23 Stepping Motor

Serial to USB converter with Micro USB cable

USB to Serial Converter

Nema 11 stepper motor

NEMA 11 Stepping Motor (16.7 oz-in)

NEMA 14 stepper motor

NEMA 14 Stepping Motor (17 oz-in) - Out of stock


Installing Legacy Hardware (USBTiny Programmer)

Using the ADD LEGACY HARDWARE driver installation method for the Windows Drivers for the USBTiny AVR Pocket Programmer. A method of installing drivers that is not directly compatible with Windows or the 64-bit version of Windows using the drivers .inf file. A message that is presented is Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software and options of: Don't install this driver software and Install this driver software anyway. The latter option is used in this video.

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