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3 pin slide switch

SPDT Slide Switch 3 pin 30V

Tactile momentary push button switch 6 mm x 6 mm (through hole)
LED button tactile switch

LED Button Tactile Switch

USB 2.0 Cable 10 Foot Type A Male to Type B Male

USB 2.0 Cable Type A Male to Type B Male - 10 FT

Multimeter Security Banana Plug To Test Hook Clip Probe Lead Cable 500V

Multimeter Security Banana Plug To Test Hook Clip Probe Lead Cable 500V

3 Foot USB Cable Type A to USB Cable Type A

USB Cable Type A Male to USB Type A Male - 3 FT

Tumbnail: 62 oz-in NEMA 17 Stepping motors (also called stepper motor)

NEMA 17 Stepping Motor (62 oz-in 5mm single shaft)

$19.95 Out of Stock
Image of the Atmega324p



10K timmer potentiometer

10K Trimmer Potentiometer (Through Hole)


Push Buttons and Switches Described

General description of push buttons and switches. Push buttons are momentary switches where the button must be held down to create a connection between its leads. Switches are generally devices that stay connected or stay not connected depending on the physical state of the switch (the lever is moved to the other side, or the switched is depressed and an internal mechanincal system has caused a change in the state).

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