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USB AVR programmer

USB AVR Programmer

Breadboard adapter for the USBasp AVR Programmer

USBasp Breadboard Breakout Adapter

ST Link v2 for STM32 and STM8 microcontrollers top view of all components

ST-Link v2 STM32 and STM8 Programmer

thumbnail: 3 position female connector with 2.54mm pitch

3 position female connector with 2.54mm pitch

2x36 pin header IDC

2.54 mm (0.1") Pitch Male Connector 36 pin Header

USB 2.0 Cable 10 Foot Type A Male to Type B Male

USB 2.0 Cable Type A Male to Type B Male - 10 FT

3 Foot USB Cable Type A to USB Cable Type A

USB Cable Type A Male to USB Type A Male - 3 FT

Tumbnail: 62 oz-in NEMA 17 Stepping motors (also called stepper motor)

NEMA 17 Stepping Motor (62 oz-in 5mm single shaft)

$19.95 Out of Stock
Image of the Atmega324p



Programming: Creating a Library (All Code in Header Including Functions) Using Programmers Notepad

Libraries are files containing code that can be used to extend the functionality of a program. In C and C++, these libraries are stored in header files and .C files. The library files are included in the main file using an #include statement. In this case, only a .h header file will be created.

The header information (generally the code above the main function that include the #define statements and function prototypes), and the functions are stored in the .c file. If desired, all of the code (header and functions) can be stored in the header file.

If a .c file library is created, any global variables that is used in the functions would be located in this .c file rather than the header .h file.

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